Course Overview

This course provides all of your staff with the skills and knowledge to reduce the risk of fire in your workplace. It is designed to be site specific ensuring that your staff understand their actions and responsibilities in the event of fire, are competent to raise the alarm and are fully conversant with the exit procedures for both able bodied and disabled persons.

The courses highlights the specific Fire Engineering aspects of your workplace illustrating the importance of good fire safety practice to prevent any outbreak of fire. During the course the delegates will be shown the principles of the fire extinguishers in their workplace highlighting the advantages and limitations of this first aid firefighting equipment.

The course fulfils the staff training requirement which is detailed in the 1971 Fire Precautions Act, the Health and Safety Act 1974 and the 1997 Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 amended 1999.

Course Details

  • Maximum of 20 delegates

  • Cost of course (POA)

  • Course carried out on customer premises

  • All delegates will receive a certificate which details the learning outcomes

What will I learn?

  • Chemistry of Fire

  • The relevant fire engineering in the workplace

  • The importance of basic fire safety evacuation procedures with a practical demonstration on site

  • Raising the fire alarm (site specific)
  • The advantages and limitations of the extinguishers found in your workplace