Course Overview

Our courses encompasses the 1999 Manual Handling Regulations, intended to prevent workplace injuries
caused by lifting, lowering, pulling or pushing. As you are no doubt aware back injury is the cause
of over 30 million lost working days in Europe pa. Our course encourages delegates to learn through
mutual experience how best to avoid and educate against the occurrence of back and associated injuries.

The course is fully interactive and delegates are instructed how to risk assess their own work environment
with a view to eliminating injury in the workplace. This action alone could prevent your company
from losing key staff at vital times throughout the year and recoup the cost of this course.

In addition to theoretical instruction, the FireSkill specialist will direct team exercises intended to promote
the awareness of potential hazards and risks involved in the action of normal workplace activities.
These exercises will also make the delegate aware of their own limitations and obligations with regard
to manual handling techniques.

Our staff are constantly involved in manual handling, dealing with both injured persons and heavy
equipment in their day to day working lives as serving emergency service personnel. This experience
has made them acutely aware of the dangers associated within the workplace and the need for correct
manual handling techniques.

Course Details

  • Maximum of 12 delegates

  • Cost of course (POA)

  • Duration ½ Day

We are able to run up to 2 courses on the same day, reducing the amount of disruption to your company and ensuring that your requirements are met with the least inconvenience to you and your staff. There is the added advantage that we are able to offer this 2 courses in one day option at a reduced cost.

What’s Included?

  • Maximum of 24 delegates (12 per session

  • Cost of course (POA) reduced rate

  • Duration 1 Day – 2 courses run on the same day